2019 -2020 Voyager Rides

This has been an interesting year so far. Over 2200 miles so far. And now we are riding for exercise as CoVid-19 has severely impacted our riding schedule. This spring our rides have been without destination and all maintaining “social Distance.

We’ve ridden a lot. here is a heat map of our ride patterns in the Tucson area.

The red lines are a part of the Tucson Loop that we use most often to set up our rides. THe light blue line at the bottom center mark our Green Valley ride.

New E Bike

Got a Trek Verve+ EBike this past week. I can still get my heart rate up when I ride, but it is nice on long upgrades and hills. Rode Tucson’s A Mountain loop on first ride. I am still rotating between this new bike and my Domane road bike.

2017 – 2018 Tucson

It has been an eventful year with lots of rides and lots of miles.  In 2018, I have had 84 rides totaling 2060 miles,including 15 weeks over 100 miles, down from 22 last year.  Heat and wind managed to change riding protocol this spring.. Since October 1st, I have totaled 2983 miles. The bike group here at Voyager makes this possible. Here is a heat map of the rides.







I have added a map of the Tucson Loop.  It help show now much we depend on the loop for our Voyager rides.


2017 Tucson Rides

Just finished my last ride for this winter in Tucson. Total miles ridden this winter approximately 3250, 2350 miles since Jan 1. Includes 22 weeks achieving 100+ miles. It has been a great winter of riding in one of the great bicycling cities in the country, with some of the greatest riding friends I have known. Now it is off to Bay View in hopes of continuing the run through the summer. This heatmap , created by STRAVA shows the extent of our riding this winter.

One of the defining features of Tucson Bicycling is The Loop, a multi-use paved path that encompasses the metro area.  This map shows a 63 mile portion of the 100+ improved miles of path and parks surrounding the metro area.

Voyager Biker

I enjoy road bicycling.  I ride in Tucson and  around Little Traverse Bay, MI.  I ride a Trek Domane 4.3 in Tucson and in Norther Michigan.  My goal is 100 rlkmiles per week.  Since May of 2014, I have logged over 14,000 miles on the Domane bike. I track my rides on Connect.Garmin.com, Runkeeper.com,  Mapmy ride.com, Strava.com and RidewithGPS.com.

I am a co-coordinator of the Voyager RV Resort Biking group in Tucson, AZ.  Our Voyager Biker Group has programmed rides on Wednesday and Thursday, and I ride with meetup groups other days.

Follow me on Strava, Runkeeper or MapmyRide.